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Renson Outdoor is a worldwide pioneer and trendsetter in outdoor living concepts. All patio covers, carports, facade elements and garden elements blend in with the same look & feel and are characterized by their durability, comfort and supreme quality. Renson excels at constant innovation which makes its garden concepts the world’s top products for outdoor living. This means that when you choose Renson Outdoor, you are choosing a top-quality design that you can continue all around your home. In this way, you can create the ideal atmosphere so that you can enjoy life outdoors all year round.


Try the Renson Outdoor Configurator. You can create the patio cover of your choice using endless personalization options. When you are happy with the design, our tool gives you the option to save and share it with a dealer.

Renson Outdoor Siding Products


  • Durable and maintenance-friendly aluminum cladding
  • Sleek vertical lines
  • Creative addition to your facade with various integration options
  • Patented clip system accommodates expansion


  • Durable and maintenance-friendly aluminum cladding
  • Clean horizontal lines
  • Garage door and other doors are invisibly integrated
  • RAL color of your choice

Renson Zipshades


Renson ZipShade® is the ultimate value in exterior sun protection since it performs several functions, including sun, wind, and bug protection. The secret is in the locking zipper side channel. Originally created for Japanese bullet trains, when speeding though tunnels pushing a shock wave of air that would blow roller shades out of their side channel. Now perfected for exterior use, the zipper fabric lock keeps the shade flat and smooth, and seals the edges keeping bugs out. It can even keep golf balls from breaking windows.

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