Do I Need to Prep My Awnings For The Fall Season?

Do I Need to Prep My Awnings For The Fall Season?

Depending on where you live, prepping your home for winter is a vital step in keeping everything in and around your home safe and comfortable throughout the season. A lack of seasonal prep can mean expensive repairs or replacements in the spring, which is no fun.

One area that should be given attention in the Fall no matter where you live are your gutters and awnings. Awnings in particular should be looked after and prepped for the fall and winter months because they can sustain a great deal of damage if they are left to fend for themselves. Keep in mind that properly installed awnings should already have a ten-degree slope to allow for water run-off, but you still need to ensure water can freely run down your awnings without obstruction.

Caring For Retractable Awnings
If you have a retractable awning, you’ll want to think about prepping it for storage. Remove any debris that may have collected and give it a good cleaning. From there, be sure it is completely dry before storing and be sure that all mechanical and moving parts are well-protected.

If your awning isn’t the retractable type, you’ll still want to ensure that it is free of debris and kept clean. The influx of fall leaves and moisture can weigh your awning down and subject it to damage. Leaves allowed to sit and rot can cause mold, and debris can cause water to pool on your awning and cause damage.

Maintenance Throughout The Season
Depending on the material of your awning, the environment and the weather, you may need to periodically inspect your awning for leaves and other debris, moisture and wear and tear. If you don’t have trees in your yard then you’ll have considerably less work to do.

The beginning of fall is also a good time to evaluate your awning motor. Maintenance needs to be done regularly to make sure it is in good working order. Motor sensors will need to be periodically replaced and things should be clean and dry. If your awning or motor has been damaged beyond repair, it’s time to look into a replacement for the spring and summer months.

Awning Care Saves You Money
Ideally, you have a high-quality, properly installed awning to begin with, one that uses appropriate materials and allows for water run-off. If you take these simple steps when the seasons change you will be rewarded with an awning that continues to perform for many years, and looks good doing it.

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