Should You Invest In A Retractable Awning? The Pros And Cons

Should You Invest In A Retractable Awning? The Pros And Cons

Custom awnings make life more pleasant. They help keep your home cooler in the summer months, and help keep the glare of the late afternoon sun in check. Awnings enable you to enjoy a cool drink on a hot summer day without getting a sunburn or a heatstroke! But what about retractable awnings? Are they better? One pro of retractable awnings is control. There may be times you don’t want the awning blocking the sun. A retractable awning allows you more control and allows you to decide when you want the shade, and when you don’t.

Money and Energy Savings

You will save money every year when you have awnings. Lowered air conditioning costs is a significant advantage to the use of awnings. In addition, your furnishings, carpets, rugs and artwork are more protected from UV rays that can fade and damage your home interior. Also, awnings help preserve your outdoor furniture, making replacements and repairs less frequent.

Added Home Value

Awnings in general add value to a home, but retractable awnings even more so.

Retractable Awnings Last Longer

Non-retractable custom awnings are great, but they generally have a shorter lifespan. This is because they are fixed and cannot be retracted in inclement weather. If a windstorm is coming, you can retract your awning to minimize damage. This is a huge advantage, and will prevent having to replace or repair your awnings due to weather.

Retractable Awning Cons

There are two main disadvantages to installing retractable awnings. The first is COST. Yes, retractable awnings are expensive, and that is something that must be taken into consideration. However, the yearly savings in energy, as well as the preservation of furnishings, etc. means that the awnings will pay for themselves over time.

The second con is the motor, or electric sensor. Regardless of what type of retractable awning you have, it does have components and moving parts that may break or wear out. The costs of repairs or replacement have to be figured in to the mix.

Overall, it would seem that the benefits outweigh the costs. If you are looking for a way to add comfort, efficiency and value to your home, retractable awnings are an investment worth considering.

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