Slide Wire Awnings Expand Your Outdoor Areas With Style

Slide Wire Awnings Expand Your Outdoor Areas With Style

We recently finished up a beautiful project using slide wire awnings. These help expand your outdoor areas, give you control of how much sunlight you block out, and overall they just look really gorgeous. Sun protection and style, what’s not to love?

Slide wire awnings are just one of the many designs we enjoy creating for our clients. They are casual yet fluid, creating a sense of motion as you view them from afar. They make creative use of the sunlight that filters between each section.

This awning design is also great for your home. It provides just enough sun protection without putting you completely in the dark and can withstand a light rainfall like we sometimes get in Southern California. Because they are retractable, you can control the appearance of your deck or patio. This kind of versatility really changes the style and function of your outdoor spaces.

If you have any more questions about this type of awning, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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